Clean energy projects on Europe’s islands

Islands all over Europe are accelerating their clean energy transition, and their stories are truly inspiring! The Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat supports Europe’s islands in their journey with technical support, capacity-building activities and networking opportunities.

Check out our interactive map below to learn more about how the EU's pioneering islands are working with all stakeholders in their communities to advance renewable energy production, energy efficiency, clean transport solutions among others, and how this enables the islands to create diverse and prosperous local economies and healthy communities.

The Pilots

Inishmore, Aran Islands (Pixabay)

The Aran Islands are an inspiring example of how the clean energy transition can strengthen a local community, and foster inter-island collaboration within a region. Their majestic cliffs, Celtic medieval churches and lush green fields are home to a tradition-rich culture ready to future-proof its community.


© Bokafalsa, Lošinj. Photo: Tourist Bord of Mali Lošinj

Pressure due to a growing number of residents and visitors in the archipelago pushed Cres-Lošinj to think about innovative solutions for its energy supply.

Culatra Port

Aware of the clean energy opportunities on Culatra, the local community decided to take their future into their own hands. Partnering with the University of Algarve, the Culatra Island Residents Association is planning to design a roadmap and implement a clean energy transition framework on the island.

© La Palma (Pixabay, Rettenberg)

La Palma has tremendous renewable energy potential, but had disregarded this resource until, in 2014, a group of citizens and municipalities decided it was time to embark on a different path.

Salina bay

With its three cities Santa Marina, Malfa and Leni - home to around 2,500 inhabitants spread across 26km2 - Salina is the second largest island in the Aeolian island archipelago North of Sicily. Labeled “the greenest of the Aeolian islands”, Salina in 2013 decided to give honour to its name and start its clean energy transition.

Sifnos Monastery (Pixabay)

In an effort to make Sifnos self-sufficient and powered by 100% renewable energy, a local group of citizens decided to organize and engage their fellow islanders in the transition.