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We are a one-stop-shop for Europe’s island communities transitioning to clean energies. Whether you are looking to connect with other island communities, technical experts, if you need support on project development, or if you're just looking for practical materials to help you advance the transition on your island - you're in the right place.

Are you looking to join the EU islands community, or curious about how we can support your community in particular? Come in, and find out!


With a second call for videos, the Clean energy for EU islands secretariat is asking island communities to share videos of their clean energy transition and ambition! Our aim is to bring your inspiring stories to life in our upcoming EU island forum (17 & 18 May) in Rhodes
Join this year’s #CE4EUIslands Forum – the 2-day event takes place on Rhodes, Greece. “From clean energy vision to clean energy action” is the motto of the Clean energy forum 2022.
The Islands Marketplace is still taking in projects in need of support or search of investors! The size of your island or your project doesn't matter, the Marketplace Team encourages everyone to apply!


Find events relevant to the clean energy transition on EU islands here! To keep you informed about as many interesting events as possible, we include events organised by the EU Islands Secretariat as well as from external organisers.
There are no planned events for the future. However, we are already organizing some new events. Stay tuned!