Islands Marketplace Project Intake

Published on 10.02.2022
Islands Marketplace

The Islands Marketplace is still taking in projects in need of support or search of investors! The size of your island or your project doesn't matter, the Marketplace Team encourages everyone to apply!

The aim of the Islands Marketplace is to bring island communities, project developers, technology providers, investors and financiers together to support the implementation of clean energy projects in islands. The Clean energy for EU islands secretariat will facilitate the matchmaking of the interested parties.

How does it work? 

The matchmakers of the Clean energy for EU islands secretariat are using the “Project Maturity Level Framework” to identify the need of projects. There are six levels of project maturity included in this framework. It was developed to ensure that projects can be showcased to investors according to their needs.

How to engage with the Islands Marketplace:

Island stakeholders are invited to submit their investment projects. The Clean energy for EU islands secretariat marketplace team will then support islands to get in contact with financial institutions and technology providers to discuss the technology and financing of the project.

Fill out this intake form and send it to

Please note that for a project be considered in the EU Islands Marketplace, island stakeholders/ project developers have to provide as much information as possible, in a way that it is clearly understandable and analysable by the secretariat team, as well as by the investors and technology providers. The type of information required is the following:

  • Project description (details of your project, relevant background, expected timeline, type of technology, maturity level, etc.)

  • Expected impacts (renewable energy production/energy savings, avoided emissions, jobs creation, etc.)

  • Financial aspects (investment type, business model, CAPEX, payback time, internal rate of return, etc.)

Please keep in mind that our matchmaking service does not provide any funding support. The technical support is limited to guidance on how to improve your project’s content. Projects selected will be showcased and, when feasible, matched with investors and technology providers.


Why is this for you?

Through the EU Islands Marketplace:

  • Island’s stakeholders have the possibility develop their projects by connecting with leading clean energy technology providers and front-runners ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investors;

  • Investors have the opportunity to increase their pipeline of potential investments;

  • Technology providers have the opportunity to increase their client list through potential sales of technological solutions.